Jasmin BehringerSince I was a child, I loved arts and craft. Actually, it was my former art teacher who recognized how talented I have been. She even told me to be extraordinary artistically gifted. Only since then onwards I was courage enough to foster this talent. In 1999 I started to participate in painting courses. I focused on aquarelles. Later on I went on several painting journeys through Europe, under the direction of the artist Brigitte Guhle. For example in Denmark and Tuscany I acquired knowledge in nude drawing and improved my skills in landscape painting.

Over time lots of friends and relatives ask me for portraits and other pictures. So I collected a comprehensive portfolio of pictures from several styles. This built the basis for my first exhibition in 2007 under the motto:  “To recognize and to be recognized”. My second exhibition was under the slogan “Technology meets Arts”. The background of this-at first sight strange merger – came from working together with a company in the information technology sector. They offered me their showrooms to exhibit my pictures. This activity was combined with a day of “Open House”. In this exhibition I showed for example pictures of animals in aquarelle. As a special highlight visitors could admire pictures of local towers, painted directly on the walls of the stairways.
From 2009 to 2011 I participated in a calligraphy and bookbinding workshop. Furthermore I kept up drawing. For example I refurbished the waiting area of a dentist with the famous cartoons of Disney’s “Madagaskar”. Moreover I showed pictures of animals and flowers in another doctor’s surgery for sale.
This year, even my private holidays was under the slogan “Learn to paint”. In Chiang  Mai, Thailand Sanga Khamsing teached me in Portrait painting with carbon powder.


Art = to be placed
on positive demand
for the impossible.

Albert Camus (1913-1960)