Exhibitions, classes and painting trips


  • Watercolor classes with Paul Menz: Various beginner courses


  • Watercolor course with Christina Schneider: Advanced course, painting in the great outdoors


  • Visit to the exhibition in Bad Woerishofen including Brigitte Guhle
  • Portrait course with Brigitte Guhle in Wiesbaden


  • Painting trip with Brigitte Guhle in Tuscany: nude, portrait and landscape
  • Portrait drawing for beginners with Karl Meyer


  • Painting trip with Brigitte Guhle in Denmark: nude, portrait and landscape


  • First opening: „Recognize and be recognized“
  • Watercolor course with Paul Menz: Flowers
  • Course with Brigitte Guhle in Wiesbaden: still life


  • Staircase painting in high-rise Christa: „Gate towers Dillingen then and now“.
  • Second Opening: “Technology meets art” opening and open hause at the company Zimt


  • Calligraphy course with Heidi Anzenhofer
  • Design practice waiting area for children in dental practice in Lauingen


  • Portrait drawing with J. Oliver Patrich
  • Traditional bookbinding with Guadalupe Sanchez-Cortes Macias and Marianne Eichler Hoyland
  • Portrait drawing – Evolution of a form with Silvana Jazetti
  • Portrait fascination with Günther Reil
  • Exhibition of paintings (flowers and animals) in general practice Dr. Katschinski in Horgau


  • Portrait drawing – Evolution of a form with Sivana Jazetti advantaced course
  • Nude with Michael Wörle in Akthof in Munich
  • Realistic drawing portraits in Chiang Mai (Thailand) with Sanga Khamsing
  • Animal and facial anatomy in the pastel paining with Larissa Enke
  • Children`s Book Illustration "Karli has cold feet"


  • Realistic drawing with carbon powder in Chiang Mai (Thailand) with Noina
  • Realistic drawing with carbon powder in Chiang Mai (Thailand) with Sanga Khamsing
  • Children´s Book Illustration „Rimilu and the bad tooth“ und „Earthworm´s rainy day“















  • „Nude emotionally“ with Günther Reil
  • Drawing horses with Claus Rabba
  • Exhibition of paintings (Animals) at Optik Baur in Wertingen, Donauwörth and Rain


  • Vivid Portraits with Claus Rabba


  • Travel Moments sketching and painting with watercolor with Jens Hübner


  • Architectural and perspective as sketch and travel watercolor with Jens Hübner
  • Easiness and power simple steps to convincing watercolor sketch with Jens Hübner
  • Portrait and People as sketch and watercolor with Jens Hübner
  • Airbrush basic course with Huber Georg


  • From Travel sketch to expressive watercolor acrylic or oil painting with Gerhard Ruhland


  • Hyperrealism Portrait oil course with Jorge Villalba Strohecker
  • Stage design theatre 750 years Oberliezheim







Art = to be placed
on positive demand
for the impossible.

Albert Camus (1913-1960)